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Massage Pricing

Compare our services and find the best fit for you.

30 Minute Massage


Best suited for  addressing one targeted issue. 

Example 1: Treating a headache or migraine. 

Example 2: A reflexology treatment split between hands and feet. Scalp massage may also be added.

60 Minute Massage


Best suited for a full body session, or targeting a larger area with multiple issues. 

Example 1: A full body relaxation massage.

Example 2: Treatment restricted to your neck and back only, where all muscular issues including lactic acid build up (knots) and restrictions (trigger points) are addressed. 

90 Minute Massage


Best suited for more in depth full body treatments, or a combination of relaxation and therapeutic treatment of medical issues. 

Example 1: A thorough treatment of multiple complex issues throughout the body.

Example 2: A thorough treatment of issues throughout the neck and back, combined with a relaxing hand, foot, and scalp treatment. 

** Examples are for quick reference only. Our massages are tailored to fit each individual client's medical needs. 

They can and will be modified.**

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